Who we are

SBRConsult is short for Seasoned Board Room Consult. We are experienced consultants that work on issues that are on the executive agenda. Our success as consultant depends on the quality of our advice, which is measured by those in authority: it helps their organisations to compete, grow and flourish.

The majority of our assignments are in close cooperation with key people of our clients’ organisation. We build teams able to perform in difficult circumstances. Our consultants are down to earth, are passionate about working side by side with client organisations to get to the best solutions, and strive for excellence in their approaches. Our solutions are fact based, data driven and are built on compelling logic. Our solutions bring both short and long term competitive advantage.

Erik Koopman

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Erik is especially strong on the cross roads of strategy and implementation. He brings a considerable experience in setting the bar, to be followed by improvement programs. These can range from restructuring of overhead functions, increase top line growth e.g. by boosting sales force efficiency, working on bottom line cost cutting exercises , implementing quality improvements while realizing considerable savings on external spend and making operations lean and supply chains outperform competition.

Erik’s strength lies in running projects with a strategic and operational angle. With improvement potential as leading theme, he focuses on adaptable and acceptable solutions for client organizations. Focus is constantly on delivering insight, planning and implementation of improvement strategies. He makes good use of his ‘rolled up sleeve’ mentality, working side by side with both decision makers and implementers.

Erik stepped into consultancy with an economics and management background. He has run many projects in a number of industries focusing on where strategy meets operations. He has over twenty-five years’ experience in providing strategic and operational consulting advice to leading international corporations.
In all those programs, benefit tracking plays an important role. “You need to be able to measure the progress constantly and to adjust immediately when and where required”.
His motto: “A strategic advice is useless if the consultant does not have the guts to implement it within a tight timeframe. Strategy realization, is what it’s all about!”

Robert Jan de Boer

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Dr. Robert J. de Boer was awarded a MSc in aerospace engineering (1988) and a PhD (2012) for his work on engineering collaboration, both from the Delft University of Technology. After graduating on man-machine interaction Robert joined Unilever to focus on operational improvements at several manufacturing sites. In 1995 he turned to consulting at A.T. Kearney in a wide variety of domains.

Four years later he transferred to Fokker Aerostructures (now Fokker Technologies), to develop a System Engineering and aviation compliant Program Management methodology as a prerequisite for Fokker to participate on the A380 program. Subsequently in the role of Director of Engineering he supported and guided an increasing number of engineers (up to 300) occupied in a large number of new design projects across the globe. He established an engineering Management Information System, created a low-cost engineering supply chain, helped introduce Knowledge Based Engineering and Product Data Management, and implemented lean engineering.

In 2007 Robert returned to consulting and training, and successfully defended his PhD in 2012 on the collaboration in teams at the Delft University of Technology. From 2009 to 2018 he was also the professor of Aviation Engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and currently he is Director of the Amsterdam Campus of Northumbria University.